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BENIRRĄS BEACH - Cala Benirrąs
Benirrąs Beach is easily accessible and offers ample parking.
It is located in a small, sheltered bay surrounded by rocks and has a fine sandy beach of 140 m long and 45 m wide.
The beach of Benirrąs Beach is surrounded by high cliffs covered with pines, providing a great opportunity for a long walk.
The clear water is perfect for snorkelling and enjoy the seabed.
Children can also have fun in the water and enjoy playing and swimming, since the bottom is gently sloping and there is a safe, separate swimming area.
In summer the beach is guarded by a lifeguard and one can hire boats, canoes and pedaloes to have fun in the water.
The bay of Benirrąs Beach is also very popular with boat owners who like to moor at one of the most amazing and acclaimed sunsets of Ibiza.
This popular beach is famous for many years of drumming sessions by 'hippies' on Sunday, and honouring the sunset with flowers that are are symbolically 'given' to the sea while the sun sets.
Unfortunately, these rituals are made impossible by the authorities, because of noise disturbance for local residents.

The well-known chiringuito disappeared from the beach in 2010 and a new restaurant and beach club appeared that attract large crowds.
From then on Benirrąs Beach is full of neatly grouped green parasols with sun beds, the entire summer and it can be quite difficult to reach the beach and find a parking.
At the end of the summer of 2010 there was a major fire in the surrounding pine forest. The fire burned three days in which large tracts of forest were destroyed, fire fighting aircraft flew back and forth and some of the surrounding homes had to be evacuated. There were a thousand visitors evacuated by private boats that rushed to the beach to bring the people stranded to the safe harbour of San Miguel.

Benirrąs Beach is situated between the villages of San Juan and San Miguel, 7.5km from San Miguel. It is easy to find and there is ample parking if you arrive early in the morning.

Carrer Benirrąs A, 1B
07810 Sant Joan de Labritja
Illes Balears

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